The house from 1920 in the very trendy area Seefeld in Zurich was recently renovated and refurbished. The twelve Apartments are furnished in three lightly decorated styles. In the four bright apartments with Bay window or balcony stylistically blowing a Nordic wind, the Middle, with the view of the urban Surroundings are kept in a cool urban style and the very interior apartments are done in shine funky retro look. The Apartments are bookable online and direct over phone. The concept is providing the client with a “as home” experience with own kitchen, TV and WiFi. 

The house has 3 apartments per floor, which all open up in the common stairwell. The main entrance and the entire staircase look very well-preserved typical Zurich Altstadthaus. The apartments are very well equipped especially for long term stays. They all have their own shower / WC and a comfortable kitchen. Wheelchair accessibility is guaranteed on each floor. The house is located 5 minutes walk from Lake Zurich. All around there are numerous, diverse shops that the locals are very proud of (still the little merchant around the corner) but also contemporary-oriented eateries. The gastronomic scene in the quarter is very rich and offers a multicultural delight for visitors. The city center and the old town of Niederdorf are about 10 minutes away. The address is well connected to the public transport, the tram stop is practically on the doorstep and runs every 7 minutes in the direction of the center from morning until late in the evening. The house is accessible to customers around the clock. Upon arrival, we would like to personally welcome our guests in regulated time zones and invite them for a coffee or a drink while waiting in the bar below. When ready, guests will receive their key, with admission to the apartment and the main entrance.